Atherosclerosis is responsible for about 50% of deaths globally including ischemic strokes and heart disease. We are leveraging nanotechnology and gene editing to destroy the root cause of these deaths— plaques.

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally.

Resource: WHO, Center for Disease Control

Atherosclerosis is the root cause behind cardiovascular diseases(and many others).

With the food&climate crisis coming, innovations in how we grow our food will determine how many people we’ll be able to feed in the near future.

Putin approves

How I met top innovators on Clubhouse?

Remote work

91% of employees daydreamed during their meetings.

92% of employees find themselves multitasking during meetings.

41% of respondents confess that they often multitask or all the time during a meeting.

The major technical revolutions come every 10 years or so. Last time we got smartphones and now it’s impossible to imagine our lives without them, but what is waiting behind the corner to replace them? Something even bigger?

The Smartphone

Now, you might have a highly negative view on TikTok. You will change your mind by the end of this article. Turns out, TikTok can be quite useful.

  1. What is TikTok and where it’s headed?
  2. Why is TikTok-style an exceptional format for online education? Concepts of micro-learning, social learning, and adaptive learning.
  3. Is TikTok better than YouTube? Comparing TikTok with YouTube and Quibi. What was Quibi about? …

From fantastic movies you know that when you mess with time, bad things happen. So what are the consequences of ‘saving an hour’ every year? It’s juicier than you could ever imagine.

But first, what is this ‘saved one hour’?

Why would someone think of this?

Who am I, and why should you care? A passionate 17-year-old innovator. So what was I busy with in the past 3 months?


I am a 17-year-old aspiring innovator and entrepreneur from Russia. I have a big mission in life — to create meaningful solutions and discoveries that will impact the world. My name is Dasha. And, welcome to my newsletter series.

What is this article?

Memes are everywhere, but is there a place for them in education?


How to finally stop being upset by some random shit around you? Why it’s human’s greatest superpower to be an independent thinker?

Dasha Nikolaeva

17 year old entrepreneur seeking for innovation

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