A story about how we decided to nuke an asteroid.

Speaking out against humans, vodka fuel, fake democracy, sending prisoners on an asteroid, Martian pancakes, and much more.

We are mining Psyche!!!

Huge thanks to the board, the headteachers, and the team mentors! They were absolutely amazing and so-so helpful.

We had 3 astronaut quest speakers for Q&As.

Meet the team!

slide from our deck
Our team also loved this Starbase tour by Elon.

Robotic systems that will do just fine. Why send 5 humans to die on a 10-year journey 600M km from Earth when you don’t need to?

Actually, Anton offered to send prisoners there as a form of punishment.

Would you do it again? How would you rate the experience?

Tips — be the activator!

Written by dashanikolaeva.com ->or dashanikolaeva.squarespace.com while squarespace is trying to transfer my main domain🤡.



17 year old entrepreneur seeking for innovation dashanikolaeva.com

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