Growing furniture, bacon, and leather out of mushrooms.

Did you know that we can grow houses, furniture, coffins? We know how to make those industries more sustainable with mycelium. So how might we turn fungi into bacon, bricks, leather? How did I?

I’m growing mycelium!!!

What did I do as of now(1,5 months)?

  • invaded logs with mushrooms,
  • made cardboard mycelium,
  • grew agar mycelium,
  • made grain spawn,
  • grew some mold😭.
cardboard, grain spawn
agar mycelium

Why did I decide to grow it at home? (Why not?)

  • It is fun — I wanted to see how it works from beginning to end.
  • I wanted to do it myself asap.
  • It would die off during a week of delivery — ordering mycelium when it’s 35 degrees C outside is not a good idea.
  • I wanted to try many ways of making and keeping mycelium.

I’ll be posting detailed guides on each experiment soon.

Mycelium 101.

What is mycelium and how does it grow?

  1. Plant it(mycelium or spores) on the substrate and put it into some form(or to 3D print the substrate with spores),
  2. Wait for the mycelium to develop(5–15 days),
  3. Bake it to stop mycelium from growing further and to give it its final shape.

Why did I decide to get into it? What exciting things can you do with mushrooms?

Credit: Atlast Food co, Ecovative Designs,
Credit: Atlast Food
  • healthier — 1/5 fat compared to pork bacon,
  • more fiber and the same amount of protein,
  • cheaper — can go down to 1/5 of porks price,
  • faster — grows in days, not years.
Credit: Atlast Food, that’s how it’s made into bacon
Photos: Courtesy of Stella McCartney
  • compostable,
  • cheap.

More articles coming soon!



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